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Paul F. Glenn Centers for Biology of Aging Research

The Paul F. Glenn Centers for Biology of Aging Research are intended to be centers of excellence in basic research into the biology of aging and the extension of healthspan with lifespan.

The current consortium of Glenn Centers has been selected based upon the reputation and strength of the institutions and leadership in the field of the biology of aging demonstrated by the individual principal investigators at these institutions.

The Glenn Center Award is the largest individual grant made by the GFMR. Commencing in 2024, new Awards will be in the amount of $4,000,000 and are intended to be utilized over a period of between 4 years and 5.5 years. Renewal beyond the initial term is not automatic and requires subsequent review and approval. The GFMR views the process of selecting and renewing Glenn Centers as a competitive process. In addition to its executive officers and Senior Scientific Advisor, the GFMR Board of Directors utilizes its Scientific Advisory Board in the selection and ongoing review of the various Glenn Centers.