Aging Research In the News

Glenn Foundation Gift to MIT to fund multiple research initiatives on how we age

New center will incorporate research on the study of aging in the Department of Biology, Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, and David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research. Building on its previous gifts to MIT, the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research has pledged $2 million to establish a new center for the studyRead more

Mayo Gets $3 Million To Study Cells Tied To Aging

The Mayo Clinic has received $3 million from the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research to study how the presence of a specific sort of human cell affects aging. The funds will help the clinic establish laboratories to study senescent cells, which seem to accumulate in our bodies with age. Darren Baker, a cellular biologist workingRead more

Glenn Laboratory at Harvard

Five Year, Five Million Dollar Commitment With Goal of Leveraging Larger Initiative BOSTON, MA—Seeking to accelerate the pace of research into the molecular mechanisms that govern aging, philanthropist Paul F. Glenn, an alumnus of Harvard Law School and founder of the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research in Santa Barbara, California, has committed $5 million toRead more

Glenn Foundation Gift Creates New Lab For The Science Of Aging

The Glenn Foundation for Medical Research has pledged $5 million over five years to establish a new laboratory in MIT’s Department of Biology to study aging. The new Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging will be directed by MIT Professor Leonard Guarente, a pioneer in the biology of aging. “This generous gift from theRead more