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The Glenn Foundation for Medical Research (GFMR) has established the Glenn Foundation Discovery Award. This Award was created to support research projects with strong potential to develop pioneering discoveries for understanding the underlying biological mechanisms that govern normal human aging and its related physiological decline. Relevant proposals from any branch of biology are eligible. This funding program specifically seeks to include principal investigators who may not have previously worked in the area of aging, but whose research and expertise are applicable to understanding the biological mechanisms of normal aging and its relevance to age-associated health decline. Each award is for $525,000 payable in annual installments of $175,000 per year.

Application Information

These awards are administered by AFAR.  For more information about the program, eligibility and application procedures, please visit AFAR.

2023 Discovery Award Recipients

Ya-Chieh Hsu, PhD
Professor, Harvard University: Rapid Functional Genetics to Identify Genes that can Rejuvenate Aged Stem Cells

Xuebing Wu, PhD
Assistant Professor, Columbia University Irving Medical Center: Aging as a self-reinforcing feedback loop: investigate the role of noncoding translation