Glenn/AFAR Scholarships for Research in the Biology of Aging

The Glenn/AFAR Scholarships for Research in the Biology of Aging have been established in order to continue to attract new generations of talented investigators to the field of aging research. The program is designed to give students enrolled in MD, DO, PhD, or combined-degree programs the opportunity to conduct a three-to-six month research project focused on biomedical research in aging.


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2013 Scholars

David Adamowicz University of California San Diego
Mentor: Subhojit Roy
Characterize induced pluripotent stem cell models of age-related neurodegeneration and optimize transfection methods for future live imaging
Alexander Birbrair Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Mentor: Osvaldo Delbono
The role of pericyte subtypes in skeletal muscle regeneration with aging
Zachary Harvanek University of Michigan
Mentor: Scott Pletcher
Neurosensory mechanisms underlying modulation of aging through pheromone perception in Drosophila
Shauna Hill UTHSCSA
Mentor: Holly Van Remmen
Role of Mitochondrial Lon Protease in Cellular Senescence
Cynthia Hsu University of California San Diego
Mentor: Albert LaSpada
Role of Map4K3 in Autophagy Induction Pathway
Yash Joshi Temple University School of Medicine
Mentor: Domenico Practico
Involvement of 5-lipoxygenase in the development of stress-mediated Alzheimer’s disease pathology and cognitive decline
Melody Lun Boston University School of Medicine
Mentor: Maria Lehtinen
Characterizing IGF2 availability in aging cerebrospinal fluid
Maria Purice Oregon Health & Science University
Mentor: Mary Logan
Age related decline in glial immune activity
Seungjin Ryu Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Mentor: Yousin Suh
Functional genomics approach to elucidate the role of cognitive function genes in human longevity

2004 Scholars

Ezana Azene Johns Hopkins University
Gene Therapy for Peripheral Neuropathic Pain
Melynda Barnes Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Immunohistochemical analysis of spinal cords from disulfiram-treated G86R superoxide dismutase-1 transgenic mice
Ala Berdichevsky Massachusetts Institute of Techonology
Identification of molecular targets of sir-2.1 gene, which promotes extension of lifespan of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
Robi Goswami Duke University
Regulation of the Platelet-Derived Growth Factgor Receptor-B by G Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinase-2
Jennifer Greenhall University of California, San Diego
The impact of fgf1 and fgf2 on the preservation of cortical neurons in the aging mouse
Eric Hau-Yun Chang New York University
Receptor dysfunction in double knock-in APP+PS1 mice
Shilpa Iyer University of Georgia
Klstn-M1 a novel yeast model system to study telomere capping defects and recombinational telomere elongation
William Ja California Institute of Technology
Characterization of methuselah, a drosophila G protein-coupled receptor associated with longevity
Young Mok Jang University of Florida, Gainesville
Long-term caloric restriction (CR) as a strategy to prevent sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) stress induced cardiomyocytes apoptosis in vivo
Jennifer Kwong Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Modulation of mitochondrial homeostasis by Bcl-2 in cells with mitochondrial DNA mutations
Janelle Lauer-Fields Florida Atlantic University
Engineering and expression of ADMTS-4 and ADMTS-5, proteolytic enzymes involved in osteoarthritis progression
Maria Lehtinen Harvard University
Characterization of the role of MST1 in oxidative stress and aging in caenorhabditis elegans
Jacqueline Maffucci University of Texas at Austin
Hypothalamic Mechanisms for Reproductive Senescence in Aging Female Rats: Roles of NMDA Receptors and GnRH Neurons
Patrick McLaughlin University of Washington
Proteomic Analysis of Proteins related to Inflammation in Parkinson’s Disease
Kathryn Moynihan Washington University
Deacetylation of the forkhead transcription factor FOX01 by mammalian Sir2a negarively regulates insulin gene expression in pancreatic b cells
Xuan Nguyen University of Kentucky
Age-Dependent Alterations in Dopamine and the Nigrostriatal System in Prodynophin Knockout Mice
Mohammed Ozair Aga Khan University
Analysis of Neural Stem Cell migration towards Brain Tumors by in vivo phage display Annalise Paaby, University of Pennsylvania: Selection and Gene regulation of senescence in natural populations of drosophila
Carlos Pantoja University of California, San Francisco
The involvement of DAF-16 and HSF-1 in the regulation of small heat shock protein genes
Julie Plowden Emory University
Effects of Aging on the Kinetics and Strength of T cell-Antigen Presenting Cell Interactions
Adolfo Sanchez-Blanco University of Connecituct Health Center
UCP5 deficiency mimics caloric restriction in drosophila melanogaster
Kim Sciarretta University of Chicago
Modeling and Intermediate of beta-amyloid fibril formation
Kun-Chih Kelvin Tsai Harvard University
Heterotypic interactions between stress-induced prematurely senescent stroma and neighboring epithelial cells in aging and cancer
Lisa Whitson University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Monomerization and Amyloid Formation of FALS-Associated Cu-Zn Superoxide Dismutase Mutants
Brice Williams Medical University of South Carolina
Altered Neurotrophin Release in Age-Related Dementia

2003 Scholars

Scott B. Berger University of Michigan
The Use of Glycosidases as a Means of Correcting Age-Dependent Deficiencies of T-cell Function
Jennifer Capla New York University
Investigating the Role of Adult Vascular Stem Cells in the Pathogenesis of Age-Related Disease
Marci L. Chew University of Pittsburgh
Serum Anticholinergicity at Specific Muscarinic Receptor Subtypes
Daniel J. Durand Johns Hopkins University
Myocardial Regeneration by Bone-marrow Derived Stem Cells in Old Versus Young Wistar Rats
Andrew A. Grimm Washington University
The Functional Relationship Between an NAD Biosynthesis Enzyme and the NAD-Dependent Deacetylase, SIR2, in Mammals
Mary A. Hancock University of Utah
Comparison of the Levels of Oxidative Damage Among European Mitochondrial Haplogroups Using Phylogenetic Analysis
Jaime M. Hatcher Emory University
Effects of Chronic Dieldrin Exposure to Organotypic Slice Cultures of Rat Stratum and Nigra
Kerry L. Hildreth Duke University
Molecular Mechanisms for Regulation of the Platelet-derived Growth Factor Receptor Beta by Serine Phosphorylation
Renee Ho University of Southern Alabama
Enhancing Mitochondrial DNA Repair of Oxidative Damage as a Strategy to Delay the Effect of Aging in Neurons
Steven Hobbs University of Colorado
The Role of Estrogen in Cortisol Induced Beta-Amyloid Production and Toxicity
Troy A. Hornberger University of Illinois, Chicago
Regulation of Protein Synthesis Through Stretch Induced Signaling Events in Aging Skeletal Muscle
Matthew R. Hosler University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
The Role of Oxidation in the TGF-beta Cataract Model
James G. Jackson University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Role of the Novel Transcription Factor MRG15 in Cell Proliferation and Senescence Escape
Hanyu Maggie Liang University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Characterization of Transgenic Mice Overexpressing Thioredoxin2 (Trx2)
Janelle Mallet University of Connecticut
Effect of Parathyroid Hormone on Osteoblast Proliferation and Apoptosis in Fgf2 Knockout Mice
Julien Muffat Caltech
Characterization of the Drosophila Aolipoprotein D Homolog as a Novel Gene Influencing Lifespan and Stress Resistance
Tung Hoang Ngo, Ph.D. Western University College of Medicine
Effect of Dietary Fat on Androgen-independent Prostate Tumor Growth in Scid Mice
Anirban Paul Howard University
Novel Regulators of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Gene Transcription in Drosophila
Richard J. Perrin University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Analysis of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid-induced Modification of Alpha-Synuclein, a Protein Involved in Neurodegenerative Disease
Deepa Pikle University of Maryland
Premature Aging: A defective helicase-Topoisomerase Interaction in DNA Metabolism
Amy Pooler Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Investigating Age-related Memory Impairment: The Role of Cholesterol in Synaptic Protein Expression and Membrane Formation in the Hippocampus
Davis C. Ryman Case Western Reserve University
A Genome Scan for Quantitative Trait Loci Controlling Beta-Amyloid Production and Deposition in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Megha Satyanarayana University of Southwest Medical Center
A Rapid Fluorescence-based Screen for Long Lived C. elegans Mutants
Ganesh Shankar Harvard Medical School
Effects of apolipoprotein E and a1j-antichymotrypsin on in vivo production and stabilization of natural amyoid beta-protein oligomers
Jason D. Shepherd Johns Hopkins University
The Involvement of the Immediate Early Gene ARC in Endoytosis of Presenilin1 and APP Processing: Implications for Alzheimer’s Disease
Tiffany E. Shubert University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Effects of Exercise on Angiogenesis in the Hippocampus of Mice
Brian Silvia University of Connecticut
Targeted Expression of Putative Drosophila Uncoupling Protein and its Effect on Longevity
Wook Song Texas A&M University
Effect of Exercise Training on Age-induced Upregulation of the iNOS Signaling Pathway in Skeletal Muscle
Liou Sun Southern Illinois University
The Effect of Dwarfism and Caloric Restriction on Synaptophysin Expression in the Mouse Hippocampus
Susan E. Swanberg, J.D. University of California, Davis
Avian Cells in vitro: A Model System for the Study of Telomere Length Regulation and Replicative Senescence

2002 Scholars

Trinity Bivalacqua Tulane University School of Medicine
Role of Superoxide in the Pathophysiology of Age-Related Erectile Dysfunction Influence of In Vivo Gene Transfer of Superoxide Dismutase
Jinsook Chang UTHSCSA
Profiling of Mitochondrial Proteins by 2D. Gel Electrophoresis in Wild Type and Heterozygous MnSOD Mice with Age
Abbie Connoy Wake Forest University
Aging and the Regulation of the Interleukin-1-Receptor-Associated Kinase in Murine Splenocytes
Danielle Day University of Colorado Health Science Center
Effects of Age-Related Decline in Sex Hormones on Resting Energy Expenditure
Raina Gay Tufts University
The Effect of Vitamin E on Secondary Bacterial Infection Following Influenza Infection in Old Mice
William Go University of California, San Diego
Elucidating the Function of NFAT5 Possible Cell Cycle Modulator in Response to Oxidative Stress, UV/Ionizing Radiation and Hypertonicity
Mark Haussmann Iowa State University
How Do Long-Lived Organisms Delay Senescence? Development of Appropriate Models and Techniques
Jason Hinman Boston University School of Medicine
The Characterization of Nodal Abnormalities in the Aging Brain
Cheng Huang Washington University School of Medicine
Identification of Genes Involved in Caenorhabditis elegans Aging
Cheryl Jansen University of Minnesota
Proteome Analysis of Retinal Proteins
Kara Johnson Loyola University Medical Center
Effect of Age on B-Lymphopoiesis and the Maintenance of the Mature B Cell Compartment
Nathan LeBraseur Boston University
Neuregulin/ErbB Signaling in Skeletal Muscle Aging & Atrophy
Sandy Li University of Michigan
Expression Analysis of Type II IP3 Receptor in Aging Retina
Lina Li University of Alabama at Birmingham
Age-Related Thymic Involution in IL-12B Knockout Mice
Paul Lockman Texas Tech. University Health Science Center
Targeted Brain Delivery of Novel Nanoparticles via the Blood-brain Barrier Choline Transporter
Carrie Lyons Queen’s University
The Impact of Mitochondrial Ultrastructure on Cellular Physiology
Deanna Marchionini Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center
Melatonin Treatment for Optimal Graft Survival in an Aged Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease
C. David Mintz Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Investigating the Role of Presenilin-1 at the Synapse
Jacqueline Payton University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign
Functional Analysis of the Neurodegenerative Disease-Related Protein, Alpha-Synuclein
Mark Rapoport Northwestern University Medical School
Dynamic State of Mind Does a More Plastic Cytoskeleton Prevent AB-Induced Neurogeneration in Hippocampal Neurons?
Catherine Rehder Virginia Commonwealth University
The Role of Chromosome Specific Telomere Length in Age-Related Somatic Cell Aneuploidy
Rose Reynolds University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign
The Contribution of Population Heterogeneity to Mortality Plateaus
Ritu Saini NYU School of Medicine
Gene Regulation by Interleukin-8 in Cultured Keratinocytes
Scott Salsman Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Effect of Active Site Oxidation on the PTEN Tumor Suppressor
Sara Speranza University of New England College of Medicine
Development of Neurosteroids as Cognitive Enhancers
Raymond Thompson University of South Carolina
Effect of Aging on Inflammation During Skeletal Muscle Regeneration Following Functional Overload Induced Injury
Maria Urso University of Massachusetts
Muscle Function, Disuse, and Antioxidants in Older Adults
Laura Volpicelli Emory University
The Effects of Chronic Cholinergic Stimulation on Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor Intracellular Trafficking and Expression
Min Zhu University of Rochester
Transcription Modulation by the C-Terminal Fragment of Amyloid Precursor Protein in Neurodegeneration
Brian Zid Caltech
Investigating the Role of Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase in Aging Using Drosophila Melanogaster

2001 Scholars

Yama Akbari University of California, Irvine
Primary Mechanism Underlying Presenilin Mutations Calcium Dyshomesostasis or Beta-Amyloid Formation?
David Badre Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Neurobiology of Cognitive Aging Human Prefrontal Cortex and Memory in Normal Aging
Kevin Bitterman Harvard Medical School
A Genetic Screen for Factors that Extend Lifespan Through Caloric Restriction Pathway
Daniela-Annenelie Bota University of Southern California
Regulation of Lon Protease Activity with Aging and Level of Oxidative Stress
Todd Cannon University of Washington
Involvement of WRN Protein in Atherosclerogenesis
Lynn Chien Duke University
Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Subtype-Specific Signaling in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
Krishnan Dhandapani Medical College of Georgia
Mechanisms of Neuroprotection by Estrogen and SERMs
Ibtissam Echchgadda University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio
Aging and DHEA-sulfotransferase in Cholesterol and Bile Acid Homeostasis
Mark Gavin Washington University
Understanding the Mechanism of S Phase Arrest by the Retinoblastoma Tumor Suppressor Protein
Kristen Homes Washington University
Elucidation of Components of the B3 Integrin that are Essential for Bone Resorption A Search for Anti-osteoporosis Therapeutic Targets
Andrew Hsieh Albert Einstein College of Medicine
The Role of a Novel Forkhead Target Gene in Regulating Cellular Senescence
Carianne Judge University of Maryland
Investigating the Role RNase-L Plays in Senescence
Eleanor Knopp Yale University
The Effect of Aging on the Skeletal Response to Intermittent Treatment with PTH
Amy Lee Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Age-associated Changes in the Inflammatory and Proliferative Response to Vascular Injury
Patrick McHugh University of Louisville
Timothy Meyer Washington University
The Effect of 3-Month DHEA Supplementation in Older Adults on Vascular Reactivity
Gail O’Kane Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Exploring the Relation Between Set Shifting and Memory Retrieval
Thomas Scharshmidt Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine
Analysis of Type IIA and IIB Splice Variants of Procollagen in Osteoarthritis Utilizing Laser Capture Microdissection
Rodney Shackelford Des Moines University of Osteopathic Medicine
Ataxia-telangiectasia, Gene Therapy, and the Cellular Aging Process
Alex Shpilman Finch University of the Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School
Impact of the SAPK-1 Pathway on the Age Related Impairment of Adipogenesis
Faisal Siddiqui State University of New York, Syracuse
Numerical Densities of Myonuclei and Satellite Cells in Muscle Fiber Types in the Aging Human Lateral Cricoarytenoid Muscle An Immunohistochemical and Stereological Study Using Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
Bethany Slater Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Alpha MSH and Aging
Christine Spencer University of Georgia
The Role of Gene-Gene Interactions in Aging
Michael Sugarman University of California, Irvine
Can Inclusion Body Myositis be Treated with a Beta Amyloid Vaccine?
Junko Takeshita Washington University
Oxidative Damage of DNA Mechanisms for Carcinogenesis
Doris Tham University of California, Davis
Actions of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor on Diabetic Vasculopathy
Isaiah Turnbull Washington University
Effect of Aging on the Heat Shock Response and Subsequent Sepsis Survival
Christian Von Hehn Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet, Kiel
The Role of Kv3.1 and its Regulation in Age-related Hearing Loss
Jill Weimer University of Rochester
A Transgenic Animal Model for the Disruption of Lysosome/Endosome Function A Commonality in Neurodegenerative Diseases

2000 Scholars

Eric Agdeppa University of California, Los Angeles
Biological Probes for amyloid Plaques in Alzheimer’s Disease In vitro analysis of amyloid-binding Characteristics of DDNP Analogs
Rania Al-Shami University of Delaware
Relative Levels of OPN-1 and OPN-2 Change During Aging
Xinlian Chen University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
The Response of Mice that Overexpress Catalase and Cu/Zn-SOD to Oxidative Stress
Jay Chyung Harvard University
Characterizing the Effects of a Mucosal Vaccine for Alzheimer’s Disease
Richard D’Alonzo St. Louis University
Physical Interaction Between Osteoblastic Transcription Factors
Rajesh Dash University of Cincinnati
Phospholamban Phosphorylation as a Compensatory Mechanism of the Endangered Myocardium
Allison Dobson University of South Alabama
Enhancing mtDNA Repair in Down’s and Cockayne’s Syndromes
Delia Garigan University of California, San Francisco
Mapping and Characterizationof Novel Lifespan Mutations in C. Elegans
David Gordon University of Chicago
Investigation of the Structure of -Amyloid Fibrils
Elise Grenier Northwestern University
Regional Differences of Astrocytes in the Development or Acceleration of Alzheimer’s Disease
Andreana Haley University of Virginia
A Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Examination of Hippocampal Volume and N-acetyl-aspartate Levels in Healthy Aging
Jeffrey Henderson Washington University
Halogenation of DNA by the Myeloperoxidase System of Activated Phagocytes Implications for Carcinogenesis at Sites of Inflammation
Rahul Kurana Duke University
The Role of Oxygen Free Radicals and Apoptosis in Glaucoma
Vicki Kule University of Michigan
Characteristics of Disulfide Intermediate in the Aging of Phosphoglycerate Kinase
Justine Levin Rockefeller University
Estrogen Effect in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Stephen Lin Washington University
Snflp Kinase and Aging in S. Cerevisiae
J. Andy Mengshol Dartmouth University Medical School
IL-1 Regulation of Collagenase-3 in Osteoarthritis
Renee Miller University of Rochester
Gene Expression Profiling in Parkinson’s Disease
Kevin Monahan University of Colorado
Do Reductions in Carotid Arterial Compliance Modulate the Age-Related Decline in Arterial Baroreflex Function in Sedentary and Regularly Exercising Humans?
Bhagavathi Ramamurthy Pennsylvania State University
The Effect of Glycation of Myosin on the in vitro Motility of Actin with Respect to Aging
Jody Short Western University of Health Sciences
Effects of Human Apolipoprotein E Isoforms on Olfactory Nerve Plasticity in Mice
Jennifer Stine University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Structural Study of FALS-Associated Cu-Zn Superoxide Dismutase Mutants
David Sun Medical College of Virginia/VCU
Molecular Basis for Stroke Induced Epilepsy
Leslie Tao University of California, Los Angeles
A Progesterone-Dependent Mechanism to Delay Reproductive Aging
Robert Turner III Oklahoma University
Substrate Specificity of -Secretase Towards Design of Inhibitor Drugs
Baiping Wang University of Washington
In Vivo Analysis of the Role of FE65 in Alzheimer’s Disease
Fei-Shiuann Clarissa Yang McGill University
Role of Telomere-Associated Senescence in Wound Healing